Highland Gardens - Rain Gardens

Client:    AG Architecture, Housing Authority City of Milwaukee (HACM)

Size:    1,550 sq. ft.

Location:    Milwaukee, Wisconsin



The storm water management of this 114 unit mid-rise apartment building site is an integral part of the Highland Gardens project. The two courtyard rain gardens are a highly visible component of the design. The rain gardens provide an area where water can be detained until it evaporates or infiltrates aiding in groundwater recharge. Excess water from the green roof is harvested as it flows from the roof drains, to swales created to divert the water to the rain gardens. Overflow water that is not able to be absorbed into the ground overflows by way of swales into the catch basins on site.

The two rain gardens designed in a formalized shape, provide an aesthetically pleasing amenity that supports flowering perennial plants and ornamental grasses. The rain garden locations at the entrance to the building provide for a summer display of flowers, patterned texture of grasses from summer sprouting, flowering, to an interesting winter character with snow clinging to the plants. These plants also attract birds, butterflies and beneficial insects to the property. The proper selection of species and placement of the vegetation does not hinder the site angles for security and visibility of the courtyard entrance area from the building and street.

Conceptual plan iterations, final plans, and specifications were prepared for the rain gardens.

Construction administration services were provided including submittal reviews, plant layout and site observation visits with preparation, filing and distribution of field reports.

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